July 12, 2002

Make Your Wish


KEYWORDS: rhythm of harmony rhythm of beauty make a wish heart’s desire melody of love magical place blessing LadyHawke

Does not the day

Exist within

Thy heart and mind?

Yea, from there

It does manifest

The hearts desires,

In time,

Before ones eyes

A wonder? Within thy heart

And quiet mind

Exists the rhythm

Of harmony,

The rhythm of beauty,

Played on perfectly

Tuned strings,

A melody of love

For all things.

Now, what does thou

Wish for in this

Magical place?

Only that which

Will bring you joy?

Yea, then

Make your wish

With my blessing.


LadyHawke is the daughter of Owl Woman, the grand daughter of Chief Powleen. She says, “The Creator brought to my attention the existance of Grandfather and He rejoiced in the heavens! My Grandfather could see me, but I did not see him untill 3 years ago.”

Native American Poetry
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