January 26, 2017

Mohican History Timeline


This Mohican timeline briefly explains what happened to the people of their tribe.

1500’s: The Pequot tribe were originally part of the Mohican (Mohegan) people from Lake Champlain

  • 1500’s: European explorers and traders make contact with the Mohican and trading for beaver furs begins

  • 1600’s: The people split into two tribes, the Mohican and the Pequot

  • 1619: The New Netherlands was established by the Dutch

  • 1620: The Mayflower ship and the Pilgrims landed in the New World and the Massachusetts Bay Colony founded by John Mason

  • 1620: The Great Migration of English colonists and the encroachment of Native Indian lands begin

  • 1633: The Dutch and English establish trading posts

  • 1633: The Dutch traders begin to provide the Mohawk with guns in order to gain dominance over the Mohican along the Hudson River

  • 1633: The Mohican tribe, led by Uncas, become allied to the English

  • 1634: Epidemics of smallpox and measles are spread by the Europeans

  • 1634: The alliance with the English drew the Mohicans into the Pequot War (1634-1638). English colonists commanded by John Mason and their allies, the Mohican and the Narragansett tribes waged war against the Pequot. The conflict resulted in the near annihilation of the Pequot tribe

  • 1636: Connecticut was settled by colonists, led by Thomas Hooker

  • 1636: Rhode Island was settled by Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson

  • 1638: The Treaty of Hartford on September 21, 1638 saw the end of the Pequot War and the Mohican and Narragansett tribes were given some of the Pequot lands

  • 1638: The Narrangansett come into conflict with the Mohican tribe over control of the conquered Pequot lands. The Mohicans defeated a Narragansett invasion force of about 1,000 warriors

  • 1675: The Mohican tribe become involved in during King Philip’s War (1675-1676)

  • 1688: The French and Indian Wars (1688-1763) begin marking the outbreak of King William’s War (1688-1699) and the Mohican serve as English scouts

  • 1702: Queen Anne’s War (1702-1713) and the tribe again serve as English scouts

  • 1710: Etow Oh Koam accompanied three Iroquois chiefs on a state visit to Queen Anne in England in 1710. They were popularly referred to as the Four Kings

  • 1738: The Mohican tribe give a missionary named John Sergeant permission to start a mission in the village. The European inhabitants gave this place the name “Stockbridge” after a village in England. From that time on the tribe became Christianized and became known as the Stockbridge Indians

  • 1744: King George’s War (1744 – 1748)

  • 1754: French Indian War (1754 – 1763), also known as the 7 year war, was the fourth and final series of conflicts in the French and Indian Wars fought between the British and the French. Both sides were aided by Native Indian allies

  • 1763: French and Indian War ends in victory for the British ending the colony of New France

  • 1767: The famous “Mason land court case” was decided against the Mohican Tribe

  • 1775: The Christian Indians moved away from English settlements to upstate New York. That migration became known as the Brothertown movement

  • 1776: The War of Independence (1775–1783)

  • 1782: In the 1782 census, 138 Mohicans were counted. Their culture had disappeared and their tribal lands were lost. The Mohican Tribe was left with only 2,700 acres of land, most of which was unsuitable for agriculture

  • 1785: The Oneida tribe offered the Stockbridge Mohican a portion of their farmlands and forests. The Stockbridge Mohican accepted the invitation and moved to New Stockbridge, near Oneida Lake

  • 1826: Author James Fenimore Cooper publishes his book “The Last of the Mohicans”

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