October 19, 2001

Moment In Time


We live our lives and look back in time to find that the most precious thing is not the day, week, or even the year. It is but a meager moment.

The moments when our mothers held us in thier arms and gently rocked us to sleep.

The moments our fathers spent teaching us to fish, hunt, or just plain fiddling with stuff.

The moment we discovered anything new!

The moments we spend in quiet contemplation, and in quiet harmony with all.

The moment we first fell in love.

The moment we held our first child.

These are but some of the things our lives are made of.

Not the days we suffered.

Not the weeks we morned.

Not the years we have collected.

Instead, the moments that warm our hearts.

The moments that bring a smile to our face,help our spirits to fly, and carry us through life.


Moments in time.

Native American Poetry
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