October 12, 2005

Moose Cree is an indigenous language of Canada



Southern tip of James Bay, Moosonee, Ontario. This community and surrounding area (Moose Factory, Ontario). Has speakers of Moose Cree, East Cree, and Swampy Cree in it.

Alternate names:

York Cree, West Shore Cree, West Main Cree


Nonpalatalized l-dialect within Cree-Montagnais-Naskapi language complex or dialect cluster.


Algic -> Algonquian -> Central -> Cree-Montagnais-Naskapi -> Moose Cree


4,500. All Cree first-language speakers in Canada 87,555 (1998 Statistics Canada). Ethnic population: 5,000 (1982 SIL).

Language use:

Vigorous. Speakers also use English.

Language development:

Literacy rate in first language: 5% to 10%. Literacy rate in second language: 75% to 100%. Cree syllabary, eastern finals. Grammar. NT: 1876.

Plains Cree Language
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