September 25, 2015

Sharpened Leg


Two young men were living together. One day one of them heard his comrade chopping outside the lodge.

He saw that the other man was sharpening his leg to a point, after having chopped off his feet. He was frightened and fled, running for a night and a day.


He arrived at some high trees, and climbed up one of them. Sharpened-Leg pursued him. When he got to the tree, he spied his comrade, and fell to kicking the trunk.

With a dozen kicks he split the tree, so that it tumbled down. He looked for his former comrade, whom he found lying on the ground.

“Why did you run away? We used to play together.” He kicked his comrade with the point of his leg, and killed him. Then he walked away to some other trees.

He began kicking these also, but his leg stuck fast, and he died in this position.

When the two men did not return to camp, the father of the one slain went to look for them. He got to their lodge, and then followed their tracks until he reached the corpse of his son and the tree where Sharpened-Leg was caught.

Cheyenne Legends
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