February 1, 2005

Survival of the Choctaw Nation


Survival of the Choctaw Nation.. KEYWORDS: choctaw poem choctaw poetry native american poem native american poetry ML Hunter poem

I can see my sons and daughters

From this far place

I feel the winds of change once again

My heart is full to see a new day

People proudly searching for ancestors

In numbers great as the stars in the sky

Long ago in the old Choctaw Nation

We carried the bones of our dead with us

Many are now reaching behind them

Trying to find our ancient bones

And long forgotten names.

I say to those who look

You do not need to find our bones

You carry our sacred blood.

You must reach out for each other

Join your hearts and souls as one people

Red brothers and sisters watch and wait.

Copyright ML Hunter 2005 Illinois

Native American Poetry
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